About the Author

Ashley C. Gillis is originally from the Alabama Gulf Coast. Her toes will always crave the feel of the sugar white sands and the warm clear waters, no matter where her life takes her. After graduate school, she entered the world of defense contracting as an Instructional Designer (ID). Working with all branches of the service, she was deeply moved by the selfless dedication she saw in those men and women who wore the uniform each day. Then she married a United States Marine. Five deployments and many years in the community have given her enough inspiration and stories to entertain for decades through her talented writing ability. Sadly, some of the stories tell the raw and painful truth of these men and women, along with their families, suffering from the physical wounds, mental scars, and the pain of loss surrounding the ultimate price of war. The men and women who gave all are now Angels who watch over those who remain in the earthly fight.

Writing and reading have always been part of who Ashley is. She writes curriculum, policy, and procedures to help businesses reach their goals utilizing the talents of their employees. Traveling for work has afforded her the opportunity to feed that addiction to the written word, both in time and through experiences. Imagine the man or woman on the plane who opens a book the moment he or she sits down, and continues to read right until the wheels are down; that is Ashley. She sees her interactions as potential material to deepen the characters in her fiction.

Ashley’s desire to write creatively was born early on, but had lain dormant until life events filled her heart and head so fully that she needed to allow them to find their way onto paper. As she explored her interest in the independent publishing world, and mustered enough courage to tell of her secret passion for writing, she heard the following phrase repeated time and time again by fascinating and successful people: Write the damn book!